Job Detail

Bratislava, Slovakia


3+ Years

Offered Salary

2,000 – 3,500 Eur / month

How we work

We have work planned in our JIRA, where we can always find a list of tasks for a current week. We always discuss about what we are currently working on, what was accomplished and what, on the contrary, wasn't and we might need help with.

Then we plan the work for the next weeks. We set priorities, schedule, and then we start coding.
Due to our startup atmosphere, some features have to be quickly developed and tested at the cost of weaker maintainability. However, we always return to it and if the new functionality deserves its place under the sun, we come to rebuild it and build on a quality sustainable code.

This is how we systematically move forward, without anything falling on our heads.

Your skillset includes

  • React is no problem to you.

    You have already worked with it on various projects so quick adaptation in new codebase is no issue to you

  • Experience with CSS preprocessors

    We are using SASS preprocessor in our styles

  • Knowledge of Redux
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with VCS.

    We maintain our Codebase in Git monorepo with automatic deployment

What we expect from you

  • Code wisely.

    You have the tendency to lighten the components, rather then overload them with a code

  • Strategic thinking.

    We always listen to the new ideas on how to improve our code. We expect you to contribute and teach us something new

  • You are able to communicate in English.

    We are an international team (and since all the technical documentation is generally in english, we don't expect this to be a problem)

  • Being flexible to travel regularly

    We are regularly flying to our second office in Limassol, Cyprus to work from there

What you can expect from us

  • Competitive salary 2,000 – 3,500 Eur/ month based on your experience
  • Equity from company option pool
  • Opportunity to travel and work from abroad
  • Top-notch work environment at Campus Coworking space in Bratislava
  • Flexible working hours
  • Second office in Limassol, Cyprus with 300 sunny days a year
  • Possibility to grow and being part of building international technology company

What you can help us with

We are facing a couple of challenges, which, when we do it together, we will certainly celebrate

  • Modular reusable architecture

    We recently transformed our frontends to monorepo, with our own UI component library, which significantly reduced the code used in each product. The development of the frontend application for the new product is thus a mere 70% jigsaw. We aim to further improve our React components and structure towards greater reusability, making it even faster, more efficient while coding less and less

  • Bitsrc

    Regarding the reusable architecture and library components, have you heard about What do you think? Use it or not?

  • CSS Modules

    Currently, our CSS style is addressed by a global SCSS, which limits us when we want to make certain components isolated. That's why we want to make our life easier with CSS modules (or styled components) to make the components beautifully self-contained

  • We would like to enforce our CI/CD pipelines and test our codebase more, before it flies to servers
Data fetching and state managment
  • Replace REST with GraphQL

    Our backend communicates via the REST API, which we are going to replace it with GraphQL. On the frontend, we will have to adapt the data layer and state management accordingly

Also, few things in our backlog
  • Performance optimizations

    We've found some performance bottlenecks on few screens, which requires a minor tweaking. If you like tuning the components and reducing the loading speed, this might be a place to start

  • SSR implementation

    Speaking about performance, we have to mention Server-Side rendering. We'd like to implement Next.js framework into our infrastructure, to improve page loads, code splitting and much more

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